There is one common thing between all humans on earth i.e. religion. Each one of us has an identity in terms of which religion we belong to. Though religion is one of the reason for peace in the world as people refrain from doing wrong because of probable after-life consequences that they could face but that is also a reason for so many communal violence happening in different parts of the world in the name of service to God. Each one of us treats our religion and god to be supreme but we haven’t realized that there we might all be children of one god or there could be no god at all but all are fairytales. As we all know there are 3 major religions in the world Hinduism, Islam and Christanity. Though the origin of each of these religions dates back to different times in history but somehow there are lots of events which are similar in all religions.

  • Each religion believes in creation, destroy and re-creation of world.
  • Abraham who is one of the three biblical patriarchs of Israel is common between Islam and Christianity.
  • Noah who is tenth Patriarch and has been mentioned in Hebrew Bible and Quran is a counterpart of Manu in Hinduism. Like Noah who built an Ark which housed his family, seeds, and animals to repopulate the earth, after the deluge would end, Manu also did the same on the instruction of the god. He too made an ark which was perched on a mountain similar to what is mentioned in other religions.
  • Each religion believes in life after death
  • Heaven and Hell is mentioned in all religions

Though none of us have seen god but we all feel that there is some force which guides us and protects us. I believe there is a balancing force in nature which if it gets unbalanced will try to rebalance itself. If trees are cut there are famines and floods, if environment is polluted diseases spread. But we try to establish supremacy at each other. Though I don’t have any authority on this subject I believe that in some way or the other all religions are same and they preach a common message ‘LOVE FOR ALL’