Title– Private India
Author– Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Publisher– Cornerstone (a division of Random House, UK)
Genre– Suspense Thriller


About Book

The ‘Private India’ novel has been co-written by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson  within Patterson’s “Private” series. This is first time writer Ashwin Sanghi has teamed up with internationally acclaimed writer James Patterson to bring Patterson’s Private series to India.

Setting & Plot

Set in the backdrop of Mumbai,  a well known investigation agency known as ‘Private India’ is called by the hotel to investigate the murder of a Thai surgeon Kanya Jaiyen  who has been killed in mysterious circumstances at the Marine Bay Plaza Hotel, Mumbai. This is followed by series of murders with the killer leaving strange objects carefully arranged with the corpses. The uphill task for Santosh Wagh, head of Private India for the Mumbai branch of the world’s finest investigation agency is to find the link between the seemingly unconnected murders happening in the city and stop killer from striking again.


The book is suspense thriller which keeps you guessing as who is behind all these murders with some additional element of terrorism in the story.


Ashwin Sanghi (born January 25, 1969) is an Indian writer in the thriller fiction genre. He is the author of three novels: The Rozabal LineThe Chanakya’s Chant and The Krishna Key. All his books have been based on historical, theological and mythological themes. He is one of India’s bestselling conspiracy fiction writer who is known for retelling Indian history or mythology in a contemporary context. Forbes India has included him in their Forbes India Celebrity 100.  (Source: Wikipedia)

James B. Patterson (born March 22, 1947) is an American author and is known for stand-alone thrillers, non-fiction and romance novels.  His books have sold more than 300 million copies.

My Opinion

I really liked the way the story has been narrated. Each character in the novel has an important role to play and the story is well knitted. The story is full of twist and turns. Even when the suspense is opened in the end, the story does not end there.

The author’s writing style keeps you engaged without making you lose interest. I usually take a week to complete a 460 page novel but this one I competed in 24 hours time. This definitely is a page-turner. The chapters are short which does not let reader lose the plot and at the same time keep the reader guessing as what will happen in next chapter. The mention of DNA analysis and various forensic methodologies required for autopsy of corpses and the medical description of the same is definitely a work of an experienced writer. The description of the places in Mumbai such as Haji Ali, Arthur Road Jail, Chowpatty Beach, suburbs like Bandra and Andheri, Tower of Silence and its vultures is life-like and one can visualize it while reading it, even if you have not been to this city. The various Indian customs, religious beliefs and police-mafia nexus has also been well explained for even non-Indian to comprehend it easily.

However I believe there were some points which were not clear:

  • Why 30Kg Explosives was required to destroy the small organization which has office in just 2 floors?
  • ‘Private India’ is more of a private agency and not a government establishment which works for the private organizations or handles cases of individuals then how can a government/police can pass the responsibility of investigation to a non-government agency ?

Secondly the rationale behind Hari’s action (a member of Private India) in the end was not clear and was left for readers to think.

Also I would have liked if the author has mentioned date for each significant event happening in the novel though you don’t realize the need of having the same while reading it. But since the events were happening in the short span of time I would have preferred the same.

In spite of this I definitely liked the book and would definitely go for other books of the author. It is an excellent read and I encourage readers to go for this book. I would like to personally rate the book as 4.0/5

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