A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home. In India when we graduate to be a parent our whole life revolves around our children be it providing the best education, meeting all their needs or their health. The playful sounds of the children makes the whole house cheerful while the sickness can be felt across the house with sadness and gloom spreading in each corner. The positive energy it seems is because of the children and it looks like as if it is the giggling sound of the children that is keeping all the negativities outside the house. ‘Healthy’ Children are real sources of the excitement and the happiness in the house. They are the elixir of life spreading happiness in the house.

Mother’s milk is best source of building and strengthening the immunity system of the child. Vaccination, the next step helps in building the immunity against certain diseases. As part of the vaccination immunity is developed by building antibodies against these diseases.  However as child grows the ability of the immune system depends on the food we are having. Is it the rich nutritious food which we are serving to our child or are we feeding them the food which is low on these counts? This is the question one needs to ponder upon.

The green vegetables, fruits and pulses which are high on vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are going down in the daily diet which exposes our children to the various diseases and infections. The only solution parents look forward is the medicines without even thinking of how the immune system should be strengthened to prevent these diseases. Simple infections can be prevented by boosting our immune system which we refuse to acknowledge and solely rely on the medicines for cure.

Some of the home remedies which used to be given by our grandparents are looked down now though they have been used over the centuries. The medicinal effects of Amla, Turmeric have been confirmed by various scientific studies which we are not able to include in our food habits and lifestyle.

I remember from childhood that we were asked to eat lot of green vegetables and less of outside food. Milk, green vegetables and pulses used to form the part of the daily diet providing the required nutrients however the new eating habits are leading to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure etc.  One good source which I can recollect for increasing the power of our immune system is to take Chyawanprash or other natural herbs.  In childhood I used to take a spoonful of Chyawanprash along with the milk two times a day. The Chyawanprash which is a rich source of anti-oxidant strengthens our internal immune system and protects from day to day infections such as cold, cough etc.

The right food or herbs can be good for our health. In today’s lifestyle when parents and children do not have time, couple of spoons of Chyawanprash can protect our children from day to day infections. The motto of our life should be prevention rather than the cure as it is always said ‘Prevention is Better Than Cure’.

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