‘Bye! I am leaving for office ‘the words were echoing in the mind of Aanya on Monday morning when Aman left for work.  The past memories came back to her reminding how romantic their life was. How Aman used to always call her as Anu with love and how he used to hug her before leaving to office.

It has been 3 years to their marriage and all has changed like it was never there. Now there are no discussions. The weekend passes in finishing the household chores. There is no time for each other and days passes by without feeling any touch of each other.

Aanya was wondering what could have gone wrong. How could she bring back the same zeal and romance back into the life? She was wondering all this, while she was turning the pages of the magazine. Suddenly she stumbled upon an article which was about the difference a touch can make. The article was about how a touch alone can give you a feeling of safety, love and comfort. It has description on what mother’s touch means to a child, a touch of warmth to a patient and touch of love to a partner.  Suddenly Aanya realized that she has stopped taking care of herself over these years and has totally engrossed in the household chores in making Aman happy. Her hands have gone rough; skin has lost its shine. She decided that she will do something to be back in good shape.

She remembered that there was a TV commercial on Parachute Advanced Body Lotion which mentions of providing a smooth skin in 7 days. Without thinking twice she went to market and bought the Parachute Advanced Body Lotion. She used it the first day and she can feel the difference. She can feel the smoothness of the skin the moment she applied it. With continuous application over next couple of days the difference was visible.

‘Aanya you are looking different and you feel different. Are you using something?’ asked Aman the other day.

These words from Aman boosted the confidence of Aanya. Ah! The good of coconut milk is making all the difference she thought.

By the time the weekend came her skin was glowing. When on Saturday evening Aman came from office while entering the house he just brushed against her. He felt something smooth touched his hand. He realized he just touched her hand. He kept the bag and held her hand.

‘What happened? You look so good’ – said Aman. It was after a long time Aman has holded her hand. ‘Nothing it’s all the same’ – replied Aanya

‘No! Something is there. I am seeing a change in you. You are looking good’ – said Aman

‘Nothing I will prepare a food for you. You must be hungry’ She smiled sheepishly and tried to shove him off.

‘Wait! Sit Down. It’s a long time since we have talked. Let’s talk. No need to go to kitchen. We will go out for dinner.’ These were the magic words from Aman which she longed to listen.

They talked for hours that day discussing about themselves and then went for dinner outside. The life has changed. Now Anu is back!!!

She herself has realized the magic of touch and the difference it can make. Thanks to Parachute Advanced Body Lotion.

This is part of #BringBackTheTouch campaign from Parachute (http://www.pblskin.com/) Organized by Indiblogger.