Uhh! Uhh!

We have heard this gesture when were child. It was a sign to indicate you should keep quiet and you need to go to other room. This is a most common means of expressing the resent be it right or wrong. This time we should be using it for all the right reasons.

Uhh! Uhh! No Wastage

No Wastage of Electricity                           

The meeting has finished after intense discussion.  All the teammates were leaving the room. Ayaan was the second last person to leave the room. Aman was closing the door of the meeting room.

‘Aman the lights are still on. Please switch off the lights’ said Ayaan

‘What difference does it make? Somebody else will switch it off. Anyways I am not paying the bill for it’ retorted Aman.

‘Aman it is not about who is paying the bill. Electricity is the basic necessity of life and many people in India still does not have access to it. ‘

‘Uhh! Uhh!’  Ayan made a gesture

‘Ayaan! You should understand’

Aman noticed the resent in the voice and switches off the light

No Wastage of Fuel

The cars are standing at the traffic light. The clock is ticking down from 120 sec. Saurabh has not switched off the ignition. Rahul his colleague who was also with him in the car asked Saurabh to switch down the ignition.

‘Saurabh please switch off the ignition’ Rahul Said

‘Let it be on. The signal will turn green in few seconds’ Saurabh replied

‘Saurabh still there are more than 100 second. You can switch off the car. It will save fuel and also pollution’ Rahul argued

‘Uhh! Uhh! ‘Saurabh made a sound

‘Saurabh you should understand that fuel is non renewable resource. If we keep on wasting fuel like this there will be no fuel one day. Also switching off ignition will save fuel.’ Rahul tried to explain.

Saurabh finally understood and switches off the ignition.

No Wastage of Food

‘Prem! What are you doing?’ Nisha noticed Prem throwing something in the dustbin.

‘I am throwing yesterday’s food in the dustbin’ said Prem

‘Why are you throwing?’ asked Nisha

‘I cannot eat yesterday’s food’ replied Prem

‘There are many people who don’t get one meal every day. We should not do that. We should understand that the value of food and should not waste it. We can eat yesterday’s food. We will warm it and eat it. I will also take care not to cook excess food from next time’ said Nisha

Uhh! Uhh! Prem made a sound

‘You need to understand what I am saying’ Nisha said

‘Ok! We will warm it and eat it. Next time I will not do that’ said Prem


Lets us take a pledge that we need to change the opinion of the people by converting their negative thoughts and unjustified reasons into positive thoughts. This way we can shape the india the way we want to see it.


This is #AbMontuBolega campaign to raise your opinions against who deserve your attention & authorities who need to hear! Don’t be a silent spectator. Raise your voice and make a difference.

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