Fear keeps success on the bay !

Give it a way to keep it away !!

Public Speaking was the biggest fear, which I always had. Being the quietest guy I always had apprehensions whenever someone asked me to speak in front of class. Though I always wanted to overcome that fear but somehow I couldn’t gather enough courage to do so. Many competitions went and passed but I could not take that step.

Finally on one-day announcement of extempore competition happened in our school. I decided that this time I will take part in the competition and I went and enrolled in event. The butterflies were flying in my stomach. I didn’t knew whether I made a right decision or not but I thought lets give it a try.

On the night before the event I could not sleep. Even in the morning I could have breakfast. I reached school and we were asked to sit in a classroom. The bowl full of chits was placed between me and other co-contestants. Each chit had a topic on which we need to speak. Each of us picked one chit. The chit had the topic ‘Advantages & Disadvantages of Co-Education’

We all were given 10 min to think and write about the topic, which could be used as the basis for speaking on the stage. I wrote some points and then was waiting for my turn.

My name was announced. I walked to the stage slowly and took my place. Suddenly strange faces were in front of me – some anxious, some blank and some laughing. I didn’t know from where to start. My feet were shaking and I was sweating. I somehow mustered the courage to start the extempore. I spoke few lines but being the first time on stage I forgot many points. I somehow completed the extempore from whatever points I had remembered with trembling voice. I came back and sat with other participants. Though I knew the result I was happy that at least I took the chance.

This was the first time I ever went on the stage. Then I participated in some other events as well. With each event I got better.

I kept my enthusiasm ‘on’ even in the college. I participated in paper presentations and events. With passing time, I gained more confidence.

I somehow realized in life that the more you try to escape from something the more nearer it coms to you. That’s what I realized when I joined the job after finishing my college. As part of the profile I had to travel to different countries to give presentations. I travelled to many countries and gave many presentations. Now I have much more confidence from the time I first started.

This was the biggest fear which I faced and overcame.

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