Scene 1

Zoooooop!!! A motorbike running at a minimum of 80 km/hr passed by pedestrian. The pedestrian just stepped aside in nick of time to save himself.

Scene 2

Biker and Car driver has stopped in between to resolve the matter who of has hit whom creating a long traffic pileup behind them.

Scene 3

Ambulance is playing its siren and vehicles are busy overtaking each other without giving the way to ambulance to pass.

Scene 4

The vehicles are crossing the red signal to save some extra seconds risking their life.

Scene 5

Bikers without helmet and car drivers without seatbelt maneuvering their way in traffic like a serpent slithering through fields

Scene 6

People driving in traffic while talking on mobile

Scene 7

Person pasting an advertisement on the traffic signs board

This is a description of a daily routine on road. The reason driving has become a nightmare these days is that we have failed to understand the value of our life and others. We forget that when we drive on the road we are responsible not only for the co-passengers but also for the life of other people such as pedestrians, motorists or small vehicle drivers. Road safety is the most looked down topic. There are some measures that should be taken to generate awareness among the people on the necessity of following a road safety.

The traffic rules if followed in spirit may reduce the accidents due to negligence. Some of the steps that will help achieve road safety in India are:



Common Guidelines


  • Compulsory awareness session when the license is issued/renewed or when a vehicle is purchased showing them the videos, statistics and reasons of accident and how can they be avoided.
  • Half-yearly or yearly online/offline exams should be made mandatory with the certificate being issued on successful completion. The certificate should be made mandatory like other document such as third party insurance or pollution certificate that has to be renewed periodically. Online certification process can be integrated with online insurance issue workflow
  • Counselling by insurance company on the accident victim and accused highlighting the mistakes of each side.
  • Delivering road safety awareness sessions to childrens in school to create awareness at the very beginning and prompting them to insist their parents to follow the safety regulations if they are ignoring the same while driving.
  • Fitness certificate for the vehicle to run on road should be strictly enforced



Four-Wheeler Safety


  • Stickers highlighting safety steps should be pasted on co-passenger’s windshield or at the back of the seats so that even rear seat passengers can remind the driver.
  • Pre-recorded message on safety should be played on turning the ignition
  • Car safety features such as airbags should be made mandatory. Instead of giving steep discounts, car companies should include safety mechanisms in the car.
  • Crash tests to be made mandatory for all vehicles
  • Seatbelt safety feature should be linked to ignition. Ignition can be switched on only when the seatbelt is on.
  • No material should be protruding from trucks such as iron & steel bars
  • No Overloading as this makes the vehicle unstable on turns and slopes
  • The electric sub-system such as turning indicators, brake lights should be operational as in most cases it’s not there.



Two-Wheeler Safety


  • Proper helmets should be enforced. Use of construction site helmets should be discouraged
  • Smart Helmets which should be wore in order to switch on the bike or scooter
  • Side mirrors should be mandatory for the 2-wheelers



Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety


  • Footpath should be free from obstructions
  • First Right to Pedestrian should be implemented similar to other countries
  • Over-bridges in high traffic zones for people to cross the roads
  • Dedicated lane for cyclists
  • Reflectors and rear & front lights for the cycles should be mandatory
  • Helmets for cyclists for safety



Infrastructural Measures


However still there are some other steps related to infrastructure which are required to be taken to ensure no untoward incident take place

  • Appropriate lighting on the roads
  • No potholes
  • Reflective signboards.

Though I am addressing this in the last but ‘Safety Begins With Me’.  At individual level we should use following precautions:

  • Drive carefully during rains as roads get slippery
  • Use all safety measures – helmets, seat belts etc.
  • Drive within Speed Limits
  • Do not overtake from wrong sides
  • Do not drive on footpaths
  • Lane Discipline should be followed
  • Do not use mobile while driving. Park the vehicle on the side to take urgent calls on mobile.
  • Drive Responsibly.

It is better to be late by few second or few minutes instead of taking a risk of life. Life is too precious to take such unnecessary risk.

In the end as a responsible rider I would also like to mention that ‘ Please Give The Way to Ambulance. You can Save Somebody’s Life By Giving Ambulance its Way

So Happy Safe Driving!!!

Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) an initiative by The Nissan Motor Company Limited conducts safety driving promotion activities. With this forum Nissan seeks to support reducing fatalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents by building awareness of safe driving in India.

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