Turning a year older does not make you forget the fun you always had as a child. The sole reason of any vacation is to have fun, fun and only fun. The rule of the game still remains the same. The vacation should have maximum fun.

When you go with children the experience is something different. Answering their curious questions about each and everything is something, which brings you back to the past when you used to ask the same questions from your parents. The wheel of time at that time seems to have turn back.

Watching them play, running and trying to touch everything is the sight, which you would never like to forget.

I have observed that being with children anywhere makes life more stress free. Talking about a holiday with a kid around you is altogether a different experience. In todays busy life even if we go on a holiday we tend to take some official calls or we sometimes even forget that we are on vacation but if a child is around you, you yourself become a kid with him or her. That toddler’s walk, cute smile, weird, funny and difficult to answer questions, force you to unwind yourself.

To me you can have vacation anywhere if you have children around but surely while choosing a destination today it has become quite important to select a place based on your preferences. In present time when children spend most of the time studying and going for extracurricular activities, choosing a destination is an uphill task which should be both entertaining, educating and relaxing. As parents we have to make sure the vacation is hassle-free and memorable. For kids having vacation is to go scout-free while for parents it is more of relaxation.

A destination can be anywhere. It can be a beach or desert. Only thing to be kept in mind is with a child around 100 percent perfection is required while planning.

For instance, while choosing the resort or hotel the following things should be kept in mind:

  • Safety – The place should have appropriate security so that children can be safe and can wander within the resort or hotel without any risk
  • Shop – There should be a small shop within the resort so that items of basic necessity such as medicines, diapers etc. are available with ease and one does not have to search for them if they urgently needs them
  • 24×7 pantry or coffee shop – Sometime children need milk in the late night and that’s where the 24×7 coffee and pantry helps.
  • Fun-filled – that’s the most important of the all. The resort or hotel should have ample space for play area catering to children of each age group. There should be provision for both indoor and outdoor games so that they can enjoy to the fullest.
  • Doctor on call facility should be there in case of emergency.

As the child grows one should make tours, which has educational importance as well as fun such as visiting historical places, museums, and wildlife excursion so that they become aware of our country and its culture.

When we were children we also used to look for vacations during the summer and winter holidays. Going out for vacation was not so popular in those days. These days’ schools prompt kids to go for vacation and even narrate account of their journey in the form of essays, poem or drawing.

Vacation is important these days. As this is the time when parents can take out time from their busy schedule and spend some quality time with children. This is the time when they can build a bonding with them. It is the time when parents can relive their childhood.

So vacation is important and equally important is the proper planning.

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