We all have spoken lie at one or other instance and sometimes we decided to remain quiet to hide the truth to save ourselves from the consequences. Though it feels ok at that time, but feeling of speaking lie or hiding the truth weighs on our conscience. We lose our sleep and the peace.

I recount the incidence from my childhood when I was in Class V. My class was going on and as like all other students of that age we use to do some mischievous acts during the period. The teacher was taking the attendance. From one of the windows in the class, sunlight use to come. In those days we used to carry steel tiffin box. So we used to play with the reflection when the sunlight used to fall on the box. So like all other days my friends and me were playing with the reflection while teacher was taking the attendance. The game was of fighting with the reflection as if star wars movie was going on. The game was going good. But suddenly the reflection fell on the face of the teacher and she got distracted. We got scared and hided our tiffin boxes.

We were waiting for the teacher to react. But she ignored it and continued with the roll count.

We took a sigh of relief. This also increased our confidence. We took our weapons outside to fight again. We were playing but suddenly this time because of my mistake the reflection again fell on the face of the teacher again. This time she became angry.

She shouted ‘who is doing all this?’

There was silence in the class. We were shivering with fear. She asked again. But the result was same. Nobody spoke. There was no sign of her temper cooling down. She was seeing in our direction. I felt as if she knows who has done that but pretending that as if she does not know anything. She was constantly staring at our side and asking the question.

I was thinking whether to stand and accept it or should I just keep quiet and watch whatever is happening. There was war going inside me. I was in confusion on what to do. Finally I decided that I will accept my mistake and face it whatever happens.

‘Mam! I did it’ I said

She was full of anger. She asked me to come to her. I went to her with shivering legs. When I reached there she slapped me. There was pin drop silence in the class. She warned that if any such event occurred in the future others will also face the same fate and she will also take that student to principal office.

I came to my seat and sat down. It was hurting but I was peaceful at heart. I was proud that I didn’t kept quiet and accepted the mistake.

It is true that though the gains from speaking lie is immediate but in the end only truth prevails!!

It gives you the peace.

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