Bangalore or now officially known as Bengaluru is known as Silicon Valley of India and is the third most populous city in India. I have been the resident of Bangalore for almost 8 and half years and have seen Bangalore transforming from one of the calm cities to city which is full of life. Once the destination for the retired government officials this place is now abode for one of the largest IT setup in the country.

I remember the day when I first came to Bangalore alone to join an IT company after the campus placement. I had to search everything from Paying Guest to grocery shops for buying all the necessary items. Since it was beginning of the journey of my professional life with hardly some money in pocket searching cheap shops and buying things were difficult. In those days there were no portals such as Quikr who could have come for rescue and friends and local peoples were the only option left. I always used ask somebody if they know a place or person from whom I can buy a used working items such as water purifier, cots, etc. Some friends used to give good references while some turns out to be not genuine. Also with very limited option chances of negotiation were also low and I had end up paying sometimes more than the worth of the product.  Moreover one has to visit different places to look for things without knowing who is willing to sell or not, what is the condition of the item and the approximate price which will be demanded by the seller etc. Due to this lot of time and energy was wasted without any results. Also with only weekends at your disposal you end up wasting your time on irrelevant deals with no time to relax. And if you are relocating to some other place or city selling the items in short span of time is another big issue.

One of the biggest issues I faced is when I was searching for the rented apartment. In Bangalore if you do not know the place you are left at the mercy of the brokers to search house who charge an exorbitantly high brokerage which is one month of rent as commission and that too not negotiable.

With the help of Quikr now one can overcome all these problems. With simple registration on Quikr you can have access to all the sellers in Bangalore and that too locality wise. One can simply search the item one wants to buy, with Quikr providing the list of the sellers who are selling that particular item.  You can define the various search criteria and filters to narrow down your search result to few sellers. The Quikr also provides the option to buyers to view the pictures of the items being sold to give a fair idea to buyers on how the items looks like. Once you have selected the options you can call the person directly, schedule the meeting and meet them personally to discuss and negotiate the deal. You can save time as well as money in busy life. You can be more relaxed as you can go for only those deals which meet your criteria and all this without paying any brokerage to anyone.

And now with Quikr App it has become easier to reach out buyers and sellers.

I definitely feel Quikr can help the people of Bangalore as well as people moving in and out of Bangalore in meeting their needs by providing a platform to connect genuine buyers with genuine sellers.

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