15th Jan Thursday 2015

At Home

Mobile is ringing.

Hello! Samira here

Hi Samira, this is Henna. We have planned a dinner tonight at 8:00 PM. You will have to come.

Ok Henna. I will be there.

At Hotel

Samira reached hotel driving through the dirty lanes, smoke and dust.

1 cheese Lasagna, French Fries and cold drink! Please make it fast. She ordered.

Hey Samira what happened? You normally don’t take so much of cheese.

That’s fine Henna. Nothing will happen.

But somewhere the seed was sown for its birth.

16th Jan Friday 2015

Today, I am born. Today is the new beginning for me. I cannot be forgotten into oblivion. I will keep coming back.

Today Samira will understand nobody can avoid me.

Samira wakes up in the morning. She walks to the mirror as a daily routine to admire herself but she was in a shock after seeing it.

She shouted in despair. What is this? It cannot be true. How does this appear?

‘See what I can do. I have given you the shock of your life. It cannot get better than this. I love when everybody welcomes me like this with shocking expression. I always love giving surprises. People call me with different names such as acne, pimple but I love calling myself Mr. Pimple – The confidence Breaker. I have also composed a poem for myself.

My Name is Mr. Pimple

With Me in your Life, Nothing Remains Simple

Your confidence will no longer be with you

That’s how I affect the individual in you


Mom! See this. What happened on my face? Just tell me some remedy to remove it.

‘Nothing will happen to me Samira. People have tried different things on me but nothing will work. You can also give it a try – hahahaha’

Samira applied various creams, washed face multiple times but there was no signs of going it.

‘I am going nowhere. I am just a small red spot now and you are so much worried. I will grow soon to make you realize what I can do’

Mom I have an important function to attend today. Today is my friend’s wedding. I cannot go to the function like this.

‘Don’t worry I will be an additional guest to the party. I will be the star attraction today. Everybody will notice me and everybody will ask about me. I will be the talk of the town today. Nobody will pay any attention to you’

Henna! I will not be coming to the marriage today.

Why what happened?

Nothing! I am not feeling well.

‘Mr. Pimple laughed. If somebody hears that pimple can make you sick people will laugh. Samira! You should speak the truth. ‘

Samira you will have to come. If you don’t come none of us will be going. You will have to come.

Ok Henna. I will try.

‘Wow that’s good. Let’s see how she hides me from the world’

Samira tried various options to hide the pimple. She tried makeup or various hairstyles to see if she can hide it. But being on the cheek all efforts went in vain.

‘You will not be able to hide me. Last time you were able to hide me by hairstyle but this time you can do nothing. It is always you who invites me by going in pollution, by eating oily and calorie rich food. You don’t take care of yourself. It’s you who gives me confidence to come and haunt you again and again. I am not a devil but it’s you who have created me. I am not going to be good with you.’

Left with no option she decided that she will have to go with it only. She cannot do anything.

‘Hurray! I won. I am going to the party now’  

Samira how are you feeling now?  Henna asked

I am Ok now.

‘Mr. Pimple giggled. I hope nobody heard me laughing’

Samira what is this? What happened on your cheek? Henna asked

Nothing it’s fine. Nothing is there.

No there is a reddish mark on your cheek. It was not there yesterday. Henna retorted

It’s a pimple. I just saw in the morning. I believe it happened either through pollution or extra cheese which I had yesterday

‘See what I said. People will ask about me. Nobody will see you or pay attention on you. It will not stop here. Many more people will ask about it. Battle won. Hahaha’

Don’t worry it will go. Drink lots of water and avoid cheese and oily dishes next time.

Fine Henna. Samira replied

Samira was asked the same question again and again. She got tired answering everybody. Her confidence was shattered. She took a corner seat in the hall and sat their quietly with hand on his cheek hiding the pimple.

‘That’s why I call myself Mr. Pimple – It said to itself. Second Battle Won.’

Ouch! It’s paining and itching. Why is it paining now?

I hope it goes now.

‘You are so optimistic Samira. I am not going anywhere.’

Seeing Samira sitting in the corner Henna said. Oh! You are still worrying about the pimple. It will go. Couple of days back I saw a TV commercial about Garnier Neem Active Facewash. You can try it. It has the Neem extracts which has always been regarded as best for the skin and has medicinal values. I also bought the same the very day I saw it. It is really good. Garnier is trusted brand and you can always rely on them. Their products are good.

‘Ah! A new product. Many products have come and gone but nothing happened. Nobody even came close to hurt me’

Okay Henna. I will buy while going back to home.

Samira stopped on the way to home to buy Garnier Neem Active Facewash.

The moment she reached home she opened the pack and used it.

‘Nothing will happen! Why don’t you listen to me? I said nothing will happen. Oh! What is this happening? Why I am feeling the pain. It has never happened to me. I have faced so many creams and facewash but nothing affected me. It seems somebody is holding my neck. I am choking. I am feeling as I dying’

Oh it’s a relief after using this. I am feeling better now. Samira thought.

I will apply regularly.

17th Jan 2015 Saturday

‘I am dying. Why it is happening this time. I think my survival is in danger. If everybody starts using it I will be extinct one day.  Uhh! Uhh!

Whole night I writhed in pain. I knew my time has come.’

Mom it’s decreasing in size. It will be gone in couple of days – Samira Shouted from the room in excitement

18th Jan 2015, Sunday

‘Finally the day has come. I will no longer be there. But I will be back. And there was a long silence’

1st Jan 2016, Present

So friends this is the diary of my brother Mr. Pimple which I found it lying in the cupboard. I recited you all this so that you come to know how our species is in threat now.

Hope some miracle happens and we are back in business.

Long silence followed!!!!


This blog has been written for Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash Contest  organized by Garnier and Indiblogger (//bit.ly/GPABlogLinkIndiBloggerActivity)