I wake up one morning to realize the horror, when I watched myself in the mirror.

I called and asked the maid, why don’t you clean the mirror when you are paid?

I clean it every day – this was the reply. I said you didn’t, you lie

Bring the cloth and clean it; that was my instant reaction to it.


It was looking big, red and strong, wondering what I did wrong.

It has become a regular affair, every now & then it appears from nowhere.

I cried! Why it happens with me all the time. Have I done any crime?

I always try to keep it at a bay, but it always finds its way.


I looked in agony at it, was thinking if there is some way to remove it.

The sight of it was red and fiery, as if there will be no recovery.

I tried to hide it using various means, but it was stubborn and mean

With no signs of going back, I took it as my fate.


Practice self-control, the thoughts were ringing; Get ready as there is a meeting

With face hiding behind the veil, I climbed stairs with pace of snail.

With all the worries and thoughts twined, it was the only thing at the back of the mind

The thought of it haunted me now and then, with all attempts going in vain.


The meeting started with a cheer, but today it was not my usual self there

There was no way I could do something, the confidence was nose-diving

Always making me feel its existence, its approach was consistent

It was pricking it was itching, a moment didn’t passed without thinking.


I was wondering what should be done, to undone what is done.

Drink water and wash face frequently, is it the only remedy to keep skin healthy?

Using Neem paste is one effective solution, but how can one get it without problem.

Is there something beyond this, I wished if I could find a solution to this.


I knew I am missing something in between, till the friend introduced me to Garnier Pure Active Neem.

The facewash comes with a difference, after using it you can draw your own inference

Use it regularly to experience the change; your skin will no longer be same

The skin will glow and shine; you will receive all the attention and you will be on cloud nine.



This blog has been written for Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash Contest organized by Garnier and Indiblogger (bit.ly/GPABlogLinkIndiBloggerActivity)