I had read long back on various social media and heard during various conversations asking what is your bucket list? I never used to get a clue what do they mean by Bucket List till very recently somebody mentioned that it is a popular movie about the duo starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson who when diagnosed with cancer go on to do things and visit places which was in their ‘To Do’ list before they breathe their last .

This is when I realized the meaning of Bucket List.

I understand we all have bucket list – things we want to do before we die. Normally in our lives due to certain priorities and responsibilities we tend to put things to back burner which we always wanted to do. Sometime the reason is money, sometime no time and sometimes there is no reason at all.

I do have a bucket list in my life which I want to strike out. The list is ever going but 3 things which are on the top are:

Explore Incredible India – being an Indian and residing in such as beautiful country with different cultures, flora and fauna I have a dream to explore the whole of India. I want to cover north to south and east to west, visit different places, taste different foods and breathe in different air. Within India my top priority is to visit North Eastern States and Gujarat.

Abroad Trip for My Parents & Wife – My second wish is to take my parents and wife on a foreign trip. They always joke that our passport will expire without any visa stamp and if there is a process to transfer the passport we can transfer it to your name as you travel to abroad on business trips, to which I reply that we will definitely plan a trip once but due to money crunch I will not be able to plan it immediately

Learn Music and Sketching – This particular thing I have been postponing from a long time. I have tried to start it multiple times but due to one or other reason I have to stop midway.

These 3 wishes tops my bucket list which I would definitely like to fulfill.

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