The first Indiblogger meet of 2015 was a new experience for me. This coupled with that it was my first ever Indiblogger meet added a new charm to it. I was looking forward to it from the time it was announced. I missed the first chance when I failed to write for the IndiHappy Hours in which invitation to blogger meet was given along with Flipkart vouchers. I even enquired in the forum as when the invitations will be sent out again. To my luck the very same day they sent the invitations for blogger meet to which I registered instantly.

On 30 Jan, the day of blogger meet I was well prepared to reach on time. I finished my office on time and started for the meet. To my dismay the traffic conditions were not conducive that day. But I somehow managed to sneak-in on time and registered. And it is worth mentioning the venue for the bloggers meet. The ITC Gardenia, a 5 Star Hotel was chosen for the meet, which is one of the most popular hotel situated in the heart of the city.

Once the registration was over I took my seat in the back row as the front rows were all filled up. There were bloggers who came from other cities also. I just sat down and waited for the event to start.

The event started with the music show with amazing guitar and drum show. Next was the introduction round. The introduction process was little unique. Every blogger was asked to collect the personal items from other fellow bloggers. Some were able to collect more than 20 items of other bloggers. The host Anoop then with his witty remarks on each of the items made the atmosphere lighthearted and full of fun.

Then the product manager from Asus gave the introduction of Asus EeeBook and Asus All in One Laptop Series followed by question answer round. This was followed by hands-on session on Asus product and twitter contest in which blogger has to tell about their first and lasting impression of the product.

Lastly there was a skit competition in which 4 teams were formed and bloggers were divided in these 4 teams. The themes were given to each team in which they have to perform the skit and other teams have to guess the theme on which they were performing.

In all this high drama vouchers were also gifted to many bloggers

Then the dinner was served. Indeed it was one of the best food I tasted after a long time.

Some of the event photos for the fellow bloggers who could not attend the meet are here:

Anxiously Waiting For The Event To Start
The Music Event
Product Demonstration From Asus
Blogger Trying Their Luck With Gesture Recognition Feature
Still Trying Hard To Make It Work 🙂
Getting Ready For Group Photo

I believe the efforts put up by Indiblogger team was amazing. They didn’t leave any stone unturned for making this as a success given that they had less time for preparation. Some of the suggestions: which I would like to give for the next meet are:

  • This was my first Indiblogger meet and I missed the IndiBlogger T-shirt, which I thought I would take home as a souvenir. This time there was no T-shirt for the bloggers.
  • I feel Indiblogger team should have a dedicated session from the established bloggers who can guide the new bloggers on how to go forward in making the blogging as an alternate profession. What they should do to get an Alexa ranking, what are the common mistakes people do while blogging etc.

Looking for the next IndiBlogger meet.

Till then Bye and Happy Blogging !!!