We all have in some point of life posted an ad to sell or buy something. This could be any household item or other objects, which you no longer needed because either you are shifting to new place or you want to replace it with new one.

Posting an ad is an easy task. The nightmares start when the seller or buyers start calling you. Some of the common problems one faces are:

  1. Untimely calls – You never know when your phone starts ringing. You might me in an important meeting, or you may be driving through the busy street traffic or you might be enjoying personal moments with your kids and family. The untimely calls disturb you and take away all the charm of that moment.
  2. Remembering the Callers – Surely one gets calls from many interested buyers. In this case you must have negotiated the deal and explained them the various features of that product. Not everybody’s memory is good enough to remember all the discussions and I also is not different from others. One has to keep the notepad and pen always ready before you pick up the call and after sometime one also loses the track of the people you have interacted with and the discussion happened between them.
  3. Privacy – You never know to which all people the number has been shared with. Some callers are genuine and some are not. Posting ad on a website or newspaper makes your number public.
  4. Sharing Photos – Sharing photos of the product is also a big nightmare. You either have to send the photos via mail to every interested buyer or you might have to entertain these buyers at your home to see the product.

Having all these doubts in mind, I was always apprehensive whether I should post any thing on the website to buy or sell. Then the Quikr NXT came and alleviated me from all my fears.

  1. No Worry of Missed Calls – Now with Quikr NXT I don’t have to worry about that if I have missed picking up the call I would have probably missed  a good buyer. The interested buyer or seller can leave the message to which I can reply once I get free from my meetings or other important work.
  2. Chat History – Quikr NXT also remembers the chat history. Now I don’t have to worry about remembering the callers and the deals, which I would have offered to each of the interested buyer or seller
  3. Number Privacy – With Quikr NXT my number no longer will be visible to anybody until I share the number with him or her  In this case after interacting with multiple buyers, I can share the number with only that buyer whose deal attracts me the most.
  4. Sharing Photos – With Quikr NXT I can share photos on the go. I don’t have to invite anybody at my house or run for my laptop each time to send the photos to buyers.

Quikr NXT is definitely an application developed keeping in mind the problems end-user faces. All the problems have been well addressed in this new application.

Thumbs up to Quikr NXT !!!

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