Valentine Day – The festival of love is something which every couple waits for. All couples wait eagerly for this day and plan it well in advance.

What about people who are single? How are they planning to spend the whole day? So this valentine day who will be your valentine?

For this it seems there is a solution. The Asus Zenfone has launched an amazing campaign on #UnconditionalLove with the Asus Zenfone.

We all know that love comes with lot of conditions, expectations and responsibilities. So this valentine day why not pamper yourself, spend time with yourself and fulfill your ambitions.

So this valentine an ideal partner could be Asus Zenfone. The reasons why Asus Zenfone can be an ideal valentine are:

1. Unconditional LoveAsus Zenfone does not ask for any love in return. It believes in always giving, be it performance, good response time or anything else. It always believes in loving you and caring for you like an ideal partner will do. It will make you happy through its various features when you are bored or helps you to relive your past with the photos you clicked on it. It fulfills all your wishes and clearly justifies the definition of unconditional love.

2. Responsiveness – It is always responsive to your requests. It never upsets you whatever may be the situation. The Asus Zenfone is always there to entertain you and meet your expectations and that too with an amazing response time. This is because Asus Zenfone uses an Intel Processor that can handle multiple tasks and provides you an amazing experience. Be it gaming or doing multiple tasks all can be done with ease.

3. Full of Energy – Whatever be the task it will never be out of energy, unlike human beings who gets tired after sometime. It is always there to help you and listen to you. Asus Zenfone has a long battery life which can lasts for whole day. You can listen to the music, play games or surf internet without worrying about the battery going dead.

4. Good Looks – Always ready to impress you, Asus Zenfone comes with amazing cases with different color. The cases are available with lots of color options to suit your moods. The way a partner affects your mood the Zenfone cases can cheer you up with its different shades. Be it red, white, black or yellow there are colors for each mood that can be used. So why stick with one color? Change color every day, for every mood.

5. High Quality Lens – When partner enters your life it brings a whole new perspective. You see a different world from his/her eyes. Asus Zenfone camera lens also do the same. It lets you see the world in high definition. The PixelMaster technology developed by ASUS provides incredible image quality. You can capture images and video with high definition camera and capture the memories which will be in your heart forever similar to impression which partner leaves on you.

6. Amazing Sound – The sound of your partner soothes your mind. The moment you hear the sound you feel happy. You forget all the worries. The sound technology used by Asus Zenfone provides an amazing experience. The audio will have a lasting impact, the way the sound of the partner have it on you.

So who’s going to be your valentine? Decide Yourself

Experience the #UnconditinalLove Yourself.

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