I also have dreams! I too see dreams! I am no exception. Some dreams I have achieved but there are many, which are in the pending status. They are waiting to be strike out. As I moved forward in life the new ones got added in that list but somewhere that list is lost in the vast sea of responsibilities. But whenever I see somebody talking about their dreams that list suddenly comes in front of my eyes but with responsibilities knocking at the door that list again flies away. I think, at some point in life when I am relieved of my responsibilities I would like to fulfill my wishlist. My wishlist has 5 dreams, which I want to fulfill in life:

1. Around the world in 80 days – I have a dream of going around the world and explore. I want to see every popular monument in the world and learn its history. I want to touch them, feel them and be the part of it. I want to cycle in the unexplored lanes, walk in the green pastures, climb the snow-clad mountains and cross the rivers. I want to visit Rome and know about Greek culture, visit Pyramids in Egypt, explore the vast flora and fauna of India and click wildlife.

2. Learn Flute – Learning flute is one thing that I started twice but due to other priorities I have to leave it in between. I managed to find a good teacher who can teach me but at some point in time I lost focus and then I ventured into other areas. But somewhere deep down I always have this unfulfilled desire to learn flute and play it well.

3. Abroad Trip for Family – My parents has seen all places in India. They have seen Himalayas in the North, Kanyakumari in the South, Gujarat in the West and Bengal in the East. But somehow I feel that if possible I should take them to the abroad once. But always the responsibilities and the financials make me doubtful that whether I will be able to achieve this dream of mine.

4. Space Mission – If I had the money I would like to view the earth from the outer space. Whenever there was a telecast of the space mission on any of the channels I would always think if I can get a chance to see the earth from space. The videos of outer space from National Geographic have always created a sense of excitement in me.

5. Just Study – I love reading. Whenever there is a free time I love to read books. I feel that I want to do something in the field of academics and study more and more. But I could not continue further. Though I still read and do some certifications but sometimes I feel I should leave everything and go for higher studies.

Nonetheless I am hopeful that if not all, I will be able to fulfill some of my dreams, which are listed here as well some others, which are in the list but not mentioned here.

I am positive that a day will come when I will be Befikar Umar Bhar and will accomplish all my dreams.

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