The moments you share with your babies are unique and unforgettable. This is true for every parent. Even today when I ask my mother about my childhood she can recite whole lot of incidents and stories without taking a break. Though I don’t have baby but I have seen my sister how she follows bedtime rituals while making my nephew sleep. He is now 2 years old. Every time when she comes for vacation we unknowingly become part of that ritual. The same sets of rituals are followed every time but you never get bored of this. Every time we do it seems we are doing it for the first time.

Feeding Milk – Before Sleep she prepares a bottle of milk for him. She checks, if the milk is at an optimum temperature and not too hot. Then she asks him to drink the milk. But it is not always so simple. He makes her run after him for minutes before she actually gets hold of him. Then she ties the towel around his neck and put bottle in his mouth. Sometimes when he sees the bottle, he himself put the towel around his neck and waits for her to put bottle in his mouth. This is fun to watch when he does that. But story does not end here. He does not drink milk till you play his favorite video song. He likes listening to one animated song based on lord Krishna. The moment the song is played he watches it with great concentration and drinks his milk.

Changing Clothes – The clothes are then changed so that he can have a good sleep. The tight clothing is replaced with more comfortable ones. The clothes should be comfortable so that they have sound sleep.

Changing Pampers – For child to have a good sleep it is important that he/she has an uninterrupted sleep. The two most common reasons the child wakes up in the night are either he/she is hungry or they have wet their clothes. Then you have to wake up, change the clothes and make him/her sleep again. Sometimes whole bedding has to be changed. This way even your sleep gets affected and you get sleep deprived as most of the times you cannot sleep in day. This similar was the case when we were children. When we were child Pampers were not so popular and my mom has to wake up multiple times in the night to change the nappy. But now with Pampers this is no longer required. My sister puts the Pamper before my nephew sleeps. With Pampers he remain dry from both inside as well as outside. He does wake up in the night when he feel hungry but not because he has wet the clothes. With Pampers baby-dry pants, its all the more easy now. No expertise is required to use it now.

These are fun bedtime rituals, which I experienced with my little nephew.

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