You can get inspired anywhere. There are lots of examples which we come across in a day to day life which can inspire you. We all have problems in life sometimes big sometimes small. It all depends on the attitude which we have in our life which helps in determining the magnitude of the problem. It all depends on which lens we are using to view the problem. The magnifying glass presents you every small thing as big. If we use this lens to view every problem than even if there is no problem we tend to be taken away by it. We feel that we don’t have anything in life. We always raise questions doubting our strength.

Why it happens every time with me?

Why luck is always against me?

I have done better than him/her. Why he/she is getting all the rewards?

All these questions bother us and take away the meaning of our life. We always have a viewpoint that others are doing better than us; but we don’t realize that other person might be thinking the same about you.

Whenever I am in doubt I always remember the quote which we used to have on the first page of our NCERT books. This quote was from Mahatma Gandhi. Though I don’t remember the exact quote but the essence of that quote was if you are feeling let down and you feel that you don’t have anything in life you should look down and see the people who are surviving with fewer resources and are happy. We should take inspiration from these people and look forward to achieving our goals.

The experience I want to recount is when I went to pilgrimage in Srinagar in 2004. There is a cave temple of Lord Shiva there. To reach there you have to walk through an arduous path of around 30 KM if you take a Pahalgam route. On this route there are no proper roads, it’s steep at some places while other places are rocky and slippery. I and my cousin decided to walk while our family decided to take mules. While we both were climbing we were able to observe that it was very difficult. Even the people with best of their health were panting after couple of kilometers. I was wondering how one can climb in such a situation. The rain on previous night has further worsened that patch. Then I saw something quite amazing. There was a person who didn’t had both the legs and he was climbing along with fellow pilgrims. There was no sign of fatigue on his body. Infact he was encouraging others to climb by prompting them and giving them the hope that they can do it. Though it was a small encounter but it really inspired me that with such limitations people strive to do wonders. This always fills me with optimism whenever I remember that incidence. Continuing with the details of journey, after some point we had to take mules because our canvas shoes decayed due to water and mud. But even to this day I wonder how he would have completed his journey.

Though this experience is quite common I would still like to pen it down. I have to travel for business trips outside India. This really turns me off as I have to leave my family behind. Though these are short term travels but the thought of leaving them behind makes me jittery. It is rightly said that you always find the comfort in your home and with your family no matter wherever you stay. This I realize everytime when I go for a trip. Even the best of the hotels could not give me that comfort. So I always look forward for my trip to get over as soon as possible. And when I come back home from such trips I get rejuvenated. All my travel fatigue goes away. The home always gives you that comfort which none of the hotels can provide. I get all the energy after seeing my family and home.

Coming to home after day long work or business trip really do wonders.

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