I don’t remember when I decided to do something of my own. I don’t remember the exact time.  May be it was when I was in Class II or III. But I remember that whenever someone used to ask that what I want to do after I grow up, my reply used to be that I will not do business. Everyone used to get surprise. Hailing from a business class family it was expected from me to join the family business like all my siblings. So for them this reply was something unusual. Then they used to ask the next question as what exactly you want to do? I didn’t used to have any answer for this question at that point of time. However I was very clear in one thing that I will not join the family business. I wanted to do something different.

By the time I reached Class VI or VII I started loving science and mathematics. I decided that I will do engineering. I even told my parents about this. They supported my decision and allowed me to do whatever I wanted to do. I was good in studies. I secured good marks in Class X. Then I started my preparations for competitive exams. By the time I completed class XII I was sure that I will be selected in a good college. But maybe I was not good enough at that time. I didn’t lose hope and I decided that I will prepare for one more year and try again. This time I was able to get some good colleges and decided to join one. I studied hard and got good marks and completed my graduation with Honors. By the time the final year ended I got selected in MNC as Technical Presales Consultant. To join this company I had to go to Bangalore, far from my family. My parents were little sad but they were happy that I have got good opportunity and supported me in my decision of moving to Bangalore. Being brought up in a joint family it was a hard decision for me also to leave everybody and venture into the unknown world. Now I had to start my life leaving all the comfort behind.

I came to Bangalore all alone, searched a place to live and joined the company. It was a new experience for me working with so many people. I learnt lot of things there. As it is always said that you learn most in your first job, it was true for me also. I travelled different countries during my 5 years of tenure in that company. I travelled to 7 different countries in Asia and South East Asia. I still continue to travel though I am now working with a different organization.

Now I am well settled and after all these years when I look back in life, I feel that I made the right decision to move out and do what I wished to do. My family supported me in this and they are also proud that I was able to achieve what I aspired for.

So #StartANewLife by dreaming big.

This post is written for ‘Start A New Life’ campaign from https://housing.com/