Optimism keeps you going. It is rightly said that if you don’t have optimism you do not have the reason for living. Once you lose optimism you lose the purpose of life. Occasions come in life that shakes your confidence. During those times it seems everything has fallen apart. It seems things are going out of control and everything is slipping out from your hands. That’s when you look for somebody who can listen to you, with whom you can share your concern and who can give you the required emotional support. Even if that person is not able to provide the solution the mere discussion with him/her and few encouraging words boost your confidence again in life.

For me the required boost in life comes from my family. Whenever I am in dilemma or confused they give me the required potion of encouragement that is needed during those testing times. I remember one incident, which I would like to mention here. This incident happened when I was in class V. I was good in studies and was always a rank holder in my class. During my first term exams it was a day of English paper. I was well prepared for it and was waiting for the paper distribution. When the paper was given after seeing it I was confident that I will secure full marks in it. But there was a printing mistake in the paper due to which I got confused. In a usual paper setup, in the first section five questions used to be there with each question marked as 1 to 5 and for each question there was an option for another question in effect total10 questions out of which 5 has to be done. However in the paper given to us there was only 1 question with all the other 9 questions separated by ‘OR’. I thought we have to do only 1 question. I attempted only 1 question from first section and completed the rest of the sections. During the paper some teacher came to announce some changes in the paper, which I didn’t listened. I was happy that my paper went good. I came out of the classroom and as usual I discussed the paper with others. Then I realized that I have done a big mistake. I was sad and as soon as I entered house I started crying. I told the whole incident to my mother. She then called my father and narrated the whole incident to him. He came from office and then he took me to school again and explained the whole matter to teacher. He even requested her to retake the paper for me else his rank will be affected. She said she cannot do anything and he can do well in subsequent terms. I was upset and then we came home.

Then my parents told me it’s a very trivial thing and you can do well in the next terms. You should not worry so much. Such incidents happen in life and we should take lessons from them so that we can come strong next time. It took them some time to console me. I decided that I will work hard in next term and will do well. I decided that I will never lose hope in the future. Those encouraging words still resonate in my ears when I am upset.

In that exam I scored 27 marks and overall rank was third in the class. I worked hard in the second and final term and ultimately I was able to get the first rank in the class for that academic year.

That was the one of the unforgettable day that I spent #together with my family, which gave me the required hope and confidence in life.

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