Kellogg’s legacy is more than 100 years old; hence nothing could be better way than celebrating the same with new commercial which provides over more than 100 mouth watering recipes for breakfast using cornflakes.

Kellogg’s Cornflakes is a household name for breakfast. Healthy and nutritious – cornflakes is the ideal breakfast to start the day with. Over the years Kellogg’s have come up with variants of cornflakes flavors to choose from. But nobody had idea that one can do so many things with cornflakes. With an innovative commercial where Guptaji’s family teach you how to use cornflakes in preparing different recipes for each occasion is a fun to watch. It seems as if we are watching a short cookery show with elements of fun and entertainment well mixed along with the other ingredients.

When I watched this new advertisement on YouTube I couldn’t hold myself from watching all of them. It is evident that lot of efforts have gone in these commercials including the idea of coming up with so many new recipes and interesting & lighthearted way to put forth the idea to the viewers.

For the question why I would like to go to Guptaji’s house for Nashta?

Well there are 2 reasons to go their house.

  1. Learn Mouth Watering Recipes – With more than 100 recipes of cornflakes in Mrs. Gupta’s diary it would be ideal that I should learn it and make my breakfast more interesting. From our usual oily breakfast consisting of Stuffed Parathas (Flat Bread) or pakodas (Fried Snack) these recipes will come as a respite to me as these cornflakes recipes are healthy and at the same time light on stomach. After learning all these recipes I shall not have to repeat the breakfast every 2 or 3 days. Every day a new recipe can be used for the breakfast. With cornflakes traditionally taken with milk, the new recipes are not just limited to that only. I can make cornflakes Khatta Moong or Cornflakes Fruity Yogurt or walnut muffin or sweets like Cornflakes coconut Ladoos. This does not end here. I can also make shakes such as Cornflakes jelly shake or Cornflakes date shake. So I can have sweets or shakes or cereals with cornflakes.
  2. To meet Guptaji’s family – Mr. & Mrs. Gupta, Rohan and Ritu are like any Indian family who try to resolve issues or teach something new over the food. The stylish Ritu, ever cool Mrs. Gupta, hot tempered Mr. Gupta and naughty Rohan are the characters which we find in our family too. So definitely I would love to meet them.

I believe the new recipes using cornflakes will add the much needed twist to our Indian cuisines and make our breakfast more interesting.

So I am going to Guptaji’s house for breakfast as well as to learn new recipes which I can try at home. When are you going to Guptaji’s house?

This blogpost is written for Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta campaign from Kellogg’s

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