What I would #ChooseToStart with the New Moto E ?

Nice question to begin this blog post. Whenever topic of Smartphone comes, it brings all the old memories back. The black & white display, no camera, calls and SMS as the only means to connect make me nostalgic.  Not to forget that only means of entertainment in those phones was unforgettable game of Snakes. But now Smartphone are no longer the same. Need to connect with others on social media, inbuilt jukebox for listening song and camera for taking pictures made Smartphone an inherent part of life.

Coming back to the question what I would #ChooseToStart with I thought why not start by gifting a Smartphone to my Mom who is still using the basic phone? I was looking out for some Smartphone which is not too heavy on pocket but also have all the features which are expected from any Smartphone today.  The Smartphone are not only the need of Generation X but need of everybody. After getting confused from all the suggestions and the new advertisement, I came across Moto E. The features it offered gave me a confidence that it has everything which anyone will expect. So I decided to #ChooseToStart with Moto E.

Mom! I have ordered the phone for you which will reach you in 3 days – I told my mom

The idea behind this is to enable my mom to:

Start Connecting

Mom! I will be reaching home in 15 min – My sister texted to Mom

My sisters, cousins and other relatives are all on the social media and WhatsApp. With the basic phone she has been using till date, she can only make voice calls and SMS.  With Moto E she can connect with others using social media and WhatsApp. She can connect and chat with us anytime.

Start Sharing

Beep Beep!!

Sending you the photos of the engagement functions

 Being far from the family I miss lots of family functions and events. With Moto E she can now share the photos with us. She can click photos using 5MP primary camera and can share the photos of the family functions and other family events. Also my sister and I can now connect to her over video chat using front camera.

Start Flaunting

You got a new phone! It looks amazing. But last time it was red in color

No it’s the same phone with different case.

As part of social gathering she can flaunt her first smart phone. With colorful Motorola Bands or Grip Shells she can now change the color based on the dress. The ergonomically designed phone with side ridges will enable her to hold it with ease without the fear of getting slipped.

Start Gaming  

I downloaded a new gaming application and it’s addictive – My father told my mother the other night

This one is specifically for my father who after coming back from office loves to play games on the laptop. With Motorola 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics he can play games on Moto E and experience the same sound and fun that he gets on laptop.

Start Enjoying

I cooked a new recipe after seeing the video – My mom told my wife while explaining the recipe to her

 My mom loves cooking and listening to Music. Now with Moto E she can do both. She can download cooking apps and listen to old songs. She can switch between applications seamlessly as Moto E has 1 GB RAM. She can do multiple things on the Smartphone at the same time.

I wonder what all memories it can create when my parents start using it.

This was my idea to #ChooseToStart with New Moto E

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