Title – Mandate:Will of The people

Author – Vir Sanghvi

Publisher – Westland Publishers

Genre – Politics

About Book

Mandate: Will of the People from Vir Sanghvi takes you through the journey of Indian Politics. The book provides a chronology of the events that has changed the political landscape over the last 4 decades. The rise and fall of Indira Gandhi, operation Blue Star, Bofors Scandal, Killing of Rajiv Gandhi and rise of BJP – the book takes you through the interesting events which have shaped the Indian politics.

The book provides a gripping story as what went behind the curtains after each of the general elections, how media wrongly depicted the sentiments of the people through the opinion polls and how personal rivalry and interest were given more importance than the national interest.

About Author

Vir Sanghvi is a well-known journalist and TV anchor.  He has been associated with some of the leading media houses in the country. He has been a member of many professional, academic and government bodies. Currently, he is a member of the Broadcast Content Complaint Council (BCCC), a body that regulates content on entertainment TV channels.

 Some of the other books authored by him are:

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The book is definitely a good read for the people who are interested in the politics. The book does not offer anything different then what is available in the public domain but what it definitely provides is that all the information is collated in one place and arranged in a chronological manner which can help readers to understand the chain of events that has influenced the people of India to vote for change.

Being politics as one of my area of interest, this book definitely helped me find answers about lot of things such as why emergency was levied in the country, what was Bofors scandal and how some of the big politicians and celebrities were named in it, how government became more populist rather than solving the key issues over a period of time, what events lead to demolition of Mosque, what was the reason of Punjab insurgencies and why demand for Khalistan emerged?

I will recommend this book to all readers who have some interest in politics and want to know how various parties emerged over time and how friends became foes. This book can provide answers to lot of your questions.

I would rate the book as 4/5.