‘Cricket is one of the biggest religions in India’ – this will not be an understatement to make as this is the single biggest thing which unites all Indians. Be it Cricket World Cup, any cricket series or IPL, (Indian Premier League) no Indian ever misses a single match of it. The cricket fans are glued to television sets if they are at home or cricket/news websites if they are in office. You can always be sure that there is a cricket match going on if you see a group of people staring at the television sets on some tea shop or outside some electronic store. Every ball is closely monitored with expression changing from disappointment to jubilation at the same pace as that of the ball. ‘What is the score’ is the non-arguably the most heard dialogue from everybody.

Cricket is one such topic through which you can bond with strangers anywhere anytime. You will be welcomed with open arms in any group if you are a fan of cricket. You can discuss on previous matches, ongoing series, upcoming tournament, players, and memorable moments to name a few. Due to which every cricket fan will like to be always connected to get the latest news about the cricket.

UC Cricket plug-in introduced by UC Browser is a great option to remain connected with cricket. It is a blessing for all cricket fans. UC Browser first introduced in 2004 is available on all platforms such as Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS. With over 100 million user base on android platform itself this is one of the fastest mobile browsers available to users.

With UC Cricket plug-in, the cricket fans can get all the news about the cricket with a single touch at an amazing speed thus ending the era of ever-rotating refresh wheel. The UC Cricket option can be found on the homepage of the UC browser. The all-in-one app includes the options for live updates, results and the information about upcoming matches. For each match one can view live scorecard, ball by ball updates under highlights tab, face-off history under coverage tab and live chat option for cricket fans under the discuss tab.

There is a separate section dedicated for videos and images which allows users to view some amazing shots and magical moments of the match.

Apart from this the application provides range of fun-filled menu options such as guessing game, cricket game, quotes, editorial, TV Live, Polls, Tweets and Questionnaire.

UC Browser which brings an unmatchable browsing experience to users by cloud acceleration and data compression technology has the brought the same experience for cricket fans.

All this can also be accessed through desktop browsers at uccricket.ucweb.com.

UCWeb has also entered into partnership with Facebook that will enable UC Browser users to receive real-time or instant push notifications from the social platform. UCWeb also claims that browser users will be able to receive real-time notifications without installing any add-on.

Thus UC browser is a real boon for cricket lovers. Go to the Google Play Store, download it and experience the fun yourself.


This topic is about UC Cricket. Download it from the link http://www.ucweb.com/