The mention of Flipkart and Hard Rock Café was enough to ring the bells in my mind. This time IndiBlogger meet was organized in Hard Rock café on Saturday Morning with Flipkart marketing its image search – POINT, SHOOT, BUY feature.

Hard Rock Café is a well-known place in Bangalore and even after 9 years of living in Bangalore this café has always eluded me. But this time when I got the invite for Flipkart IndiBlogger meet the decision was taken in a snap of fingers – Yes! I will be going to this meet.

On Saturday morning I was there in Hard Rock Café by 10:30 AM. The café which is located on St. Marks Road, near M.G. Road has a rugged stone architecture with colonial touch to it. You get a different feeling when you enter in it. After entering the café the staff of Hard Rock Café greeted us. The architecture was indeed a mesmerizing one. One can see all hard rock instruments such as Guitars, musical instruments & dresses of famous rock stars on the wall giving you a feeling that you have entered the world of music legends. Even before I could gather my thoughts I took out my phone and started snapping the photos for showing it to others.

After finishing the registration I entered the activity area which was segregated from the dining area with foyer in between. The café was houseful. There was no space. It seems as if I was not the only enthusiast who has come to IndiBlogger meet on a weekend morning.  There were many bloggers like me who admire Flipkart and wanted to pay their first visit to Hard Rock café. And definitely it was true when more than 70 percent people admitted that it was their first visit to Hard Rock Café.

The session started with a hard rock session by Nikhil and Captain. This was followed by introduction session from Anoop which was as always full of chuckles.

After this Flipkart Team took the floor to speak about the new Flipkart image search feature. They discussed in detail about the thought process and rationale which went behind introducing this new feature. They also discussed about their vision which they want to achieve with new image search feature. To quote one of the examples which they gave was that in future they will like to extend this feature where the user can take a picture of the room and Flipkart will be able to suggest showpieces, furniture or home decor items based on the color and layout of the room. It is also worth mentioning that Flipkart is the first one to introduce this image search feature. Flipkart did a live demonstration of this feature after which stage was opened for questions.

There were some interesting comments as well as moments of intense discussion. One gentleman asked if he can find a bride using image search feature while others discussed on the decision of Flipkart to go app only in the near future. The Flipkart team did address the queries in an effective manner to clear the user doubts.

For other who could not attend the meet here is how the image search works.

Flipkart Image Search Feature: How it Works?

Flipkart Image Search Feature
Flipkart Image Search Feature

Some tips to have exact or near exact match

The exact search result depends on multiple factors such as:

  • A good quality picture means high probability of getting exact results. A bad phone camera can be spoil sport.
  • Good background light means colors and texture of the object can be effectively captured to give you more fine results

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get exact results all the time. This is just the beginning and search feature is definitely going to improve in future updates to give you one of the best search experiences. Apart from that Flipkart app also supports voice based and bar code based search.


Just before lunch IndiBlogger mentioned about the new book “10 Love Stories” which is a book exclusively written by a selection of India’s top bloggers as part of IndiBlogger’s get published initiative. The book was a free giveaway to all bloggers. Two of the story writers Parmita and Varsha were also there in the meet who did a reading session for the bloggers.

The blogger meet could not have ended without the team event activity which allows bloggers to collaborate and network with each other. The theme of the team activity was to find the exact match on the Flipkart app using image search feature by taking pictures of fashion accessories around us. The bloggers were divided into team of 20 each and were asked to perform the activity.  The moment the activity started everybody got hooked on their Flipkart app and started clicking pictures and finding the matches through Image Search Feature. After that the results were verified from the Flipkart team.  I was part of Team 5 – Vyapam which emerged as the winner with 32 matches.

There were other contests also such as Group Selfie and Twitter contest for which people were making amazing unique formations to win the prize.

And not to miss out there was an amazing performance from Hard Rock Café team on the song ‘YMCA’.

There was lunch after that and the drinks were on the house. The Hard Rock Café lived upto the expectation of all with delicious snacks and lunch.

Had loads of fun..! And in the words of Anoop Hell Yeah..!!

And it will not be a perfect ending to this blog without mentioning Renie who was taking all the amazing pics which everyone can view on Facebook.

Thanks to IndiBlogger, Flipkart and Hard Rock Café to make this a memorable event.

Happy Shopping with Flipkart !!!!

Some Moments Captured from Phone

IMG_20150801_105431445 IMG_20150801_112203733