Internet has changed the world in twenty first century. The impact internet has created in our lives cannot be compared with any other technology. Internet has made the world smaller allowing people to access information and collaborating with others irrespective of their geographic locations. An internet has really made the world flat.

With advent of smart phones the reach of internet is not limited to homes, offices or cyber cafes. The internet can now be accessed over phones which have given the real power to individuals to remain connected all time. Today the important expectation of every individual with respect to internet is the need of speed and the quality of service. And no doubt Airtel has always met the expectations of the consumers. Airtel, the largest cellular service provider in India provides GSM, 3G, mobile services, fixed line broadband and voice services. Airtel recently launched 4G LTE services in India and is the first mobile operator to do so. Airtel rolled 4G LTE services across 296 cities which is again an achievement. With high speed under his hood the 4G services will be a bonanza for all the internet users as this will enable them to browse and download at unbelievable speeds.

To have a seamless experience, you must have:

  • 4G compatible device – With phones/devices designed to handle only 3G services one will not be able to have 4G experience. Hence one need devices which have support for 4G to have high speed experience
  • 4G SIM – the existing 3G SIM will have to be replaced with 4G SIM
  • 4G plan – The plans needs to be upgraded to 4G plan

If you are an existing 3G subscriber, Airtel is offering a free upgrade to 4G. All you need to do is tweet away – #GetAirtel4G and 4G sim will be delivered at your doorsteps. Also 4G services are available at 3G prices which is double benefit to users – high speed at same price.
There are 3 options for all consumers:

  • Mobile – The mobile users can opt for 4G by following the steps below or as explained earlier
  • On the Go – Consumers can Enjoy lightning fast internet speeds on the go with Airtel 4G dongles with 2 dongles options 4G WiFi Hotspot and 4G Dongle.
  • For Home – One can Experience lightning fast 4G speeds on all devices at home using Airtel 4G Home WiFi. Airtel 4G Home WiFi Connects to all WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs and security systems and supports up to 32 devices

With initial advertisements on the television, Airtel 4G looks quite promising. With such a high download speeds, consumers can enjoy zero buffering while streaming videos. Also movies of size 700MB can be downloaded in less than 3 minutes thus ending the overnight wait to download a movie.
Looking forward to try my hands on Airtel 4G.

Please refer the official website of Airtel  for more details on specifications, features and available data plan.