Hey! What are you doing?

Playing videogame Mom – reply came from the other room

Why don’t you go out and play?

I don’t want to go out mom.


Mom give me few minutes else my crop will perish and i will have to do it again. You know how much time it takes in farm village and my battery is draining. 

With digital world slowly entering the childhood, this conversation is something which is quite common in all households. With the foray of mobile phones, video games and televisions the childhood is no longer the same. I remember we use to wait for evenings so that we can go out and play cricket or some other games. These days’ children do not have any enthusiasm to go out and play. They want to stick around the television sets and watch cartoons or play games on mobile.

Apart from the academics and school curriculum, pressure from parents and peers to learn all things in short span has taken away the meaning of real childhood. Childhood which is meant to be fun is far left behind. In this digital age, children are spending too much time surfing web, chatting online and playing games instead of going out and making new friends, playing under the open sky and chasing the butterflies. For our generation, which has seen many of these smart devices probably after graduation can only realize how things have changed and the impact it is having on our life. Sometimes it is hard to recall when last time we picked up the pen or pencil and wrote something on the paper. Now when I pick the pen to write something the fingers starts shaking and it is difficult to remember the vocabulary or the alphabets of my native language.  Since these days the children start experiencing this too early in their life probably after first birthday itself, this worries me a lot.

According to me Real Togetherness is not collaborating and chatting over the World Wide Web but feeling the real world. I believe the nature will be more beautiful if watched live rather than on high definition TV. This is what we need to make our current generation realize. Nature can play a pivotal role in shifting the balance towards the real world. Instead of virtual crops, they should see and learn how real farms are laid, how animals are fed and taken care of. The fruit laden trees, the vast farms, grazing animals and greenery can bring back the curiosity which the children have lost. They can understand how balance is maintained in nature and what lessons we can learn from it. The dried and green leaves, waterfalls and rivers, fertile and barren lands, mountains and plains can teach a lesson to children which they could not have learned in text books or television. As said picture is worth a thousand words, we can only imagine that what effect they can have if they can see it as well as feel it. The children can learn about many different things in nature and understand their co-existence which will give them a feeling of togetherness. I am sure this will definitely help kids break themselves free from the bondage of digital world and next time it will not be some farm-villa game but a real village expedition.

These are my views on how nature can teach the feeling of togetherness in children.

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