The ability of a person to affect the actions, behavior or opinions of others aptly defines the word Influence. You can get influenced anytime anywhere. Some have the charisma of doing it all the time while some people knowingly or unknowingly become the source of inspiration for others. Some of these people come across your way by chance while others are chosen by destiny to be part of your life. You want to look like them, dress like them and speak like them. You try to imitate them in every possible way. You sometimes don’t even have to meet them to get influenced. Influence or inspiration to become like someone can come from anywhere. The source of influence can be a character from the book or a movie, a real-life person or a mythological character. Influence or inspiration to become like someone can come from anywhere.

For me, the destiny decided who would influence my life. No matter how much I think I always get the same name again and again. As happens with everybody, parents are always the first source of inspiration and I am no different from others. Without any second thought I can say that my father is the source of inspiration for me. The influence is an everlasting one.

Whatever I do or speak is directly attributed to him. The way I speak (though both I and my father are less of speakers and more of listeners) or dress ourselves are same. My father has played an important role in framing my personality. Simple and elegant, no bright color is the mantra followed by both of us when it comes to choice of color and nature of clothes. The soft-spoken nature, good listener, being content with what we have and love for family & children are such traits of him which I admire. The ever cool attitude that we should not worry and whatever happens it happens for good gives me sense of calmness whenever I am worried and things around me are falling apart (Though he worries most of the time but never show on the face and I am also like him). Ready to do anything for their children, fulfilling all their wishes by keeping his desires aside, I also want to be like him. Though I am old enough to take care of myself still I can sense the worry in his tone when I talk to him.  As a son I cannot be even 10 percent of him but I always try to imitate him in every possible way.

He always inspires me to follow my dream. He never asked me that when you grow up you should do this. He always listened to me and supported me in every phase of life. I have never seen him getting angry on any person. He always respects everybody irrespective of the age, economic status or class. This inspires me to do the same. His influence can be seen in everything I do. In General, no matter where I go, first comment I always get is you look like your father and behave like him. For me he is simply #madeofgreat and it is always him who drives me from within.

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