From time immemorial we all have been taught about oral hygiene by our parents and teachers. Good oral hygiene is synonymous with good smile, no bad breath, white teeth and above all the confidence it gives to face the world. Oral Hygiene has 4 main parts – teeth, tongue, gums and cheeks. The choice of oral care products definitely makes a difference and 2 important ingredients are Toothbrush and Toothpaste. Both are complementary to each other. Some regard toothpaste as the single most important factor which determines the oral hygiene. Not much importance is given to toothbrush. With wide range of toothbrush available in the market one tends to choose the fancy ones without understanding the cons of choosing the wrong toothbrush.  Infact the choice should be made based on design and softness of the bristles.  The bristle design should be such that it should be able to reach every corner of the mouth and should be able to penetrate the hidden spaces.  Thick bristles cannot enter all places and soft bristles will not provide the required cleaning. The toothbrush should have best of both the worlds – thin as well strong bristles. Also the brush should be soft on gums and cheeks as hard bristles can damage the gums and can lead to gum bleeding.

Like others, brushing is the first chore which I do after getting up and it plays an important role in making my morning good. Recently Colgate launched Colgate® 360°® Charcoal Gold toothbrush to provide a wholesome experience. As per the marketing campaign Colgate® 360°® Charcoal Gold toothbrush inhibits bacteria growth on bristles, Charcoal-infused spiral bristles clean and remove surface stains and slimmer tip bristles reach deeper in between teeth and along the gum line

The day Colgate launched the campaign I applied for it. I was assuming that I will receive a toothbrush but to my surprise I received a gift hamper with mug, sipper, toothbrush and scroll all painted in gold. As gold signifies purity Colgate has touched the fascination of all people. And yes the toothbrush has soft bristles which do not go hard on your gums, teeth and cheeks.  With Colgate® 360°® Charcoal Gold toothbrush one can achieve complete oral hygiene and make their morning as gold morning.

So wake up with Colgate® 360°® Charcoal Gold toothbrush and experience #Colgate360GoldMornings