I happen to visit and stay in Lisbon (Portugal) during one of the company assignment.  The aim of this travel diary is to write about some of the places in Lisbon which I happened to visit.

Lisbon – capital city of Portugal is the largest city. It also happens to be one of the oldest city in the world. It has lots of historical places, churches, palaces, beaches, and museums. With this diary I will try to share information on some of these places (like how one can reach there, ticket costs, timings) and associated photos/videos.

Available Modes of Transport:

Lisbon provide wide variety of options such as train, metro, buses, taxi and trams. The tourist can also take packages for tourist buses or can bargain from Auto-rickshaw driver who can be found near popular tourist destinations. The packages are available based on places one wants to visit. One can also book bicycle tours and other non-conventional tours such as hoverboard, mini cars, electric cars etc.

Metro is the cheapest means of transport in Lisbon.  For travel by metro one can take  Viva Viagem card which is pre-paid metro card and is available at any of the metro station through machines or counters. There are four metro lines and are conveniently color coded; blue, yellow, green and red. Most of the places in Lisbon can be reached using metro and few minutes walk.

Metro Map


The next post will cover the first place called Parque das Nações (Park of Nations).